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G9C Fashion was founded by Gianna Benedek and Carlos Hausner as a continuation of our personal involvement in Peruvian handcrafts and women’s groups. This started with a USAID project in which we worked helping small companies and groups in Peru improve and sell their products in the US. We all wanted to continue, so here is G9C.

Gianna was born in Cusco, Peru, and is a BFA of Fashion Institute of Technology. She is the natural liaison between original textile traditions and current US fashion trends.

Carlos has owned United Knitwear Sweater Company for many years. We have the structure and loyal customers we expect to serve at G9C.

Our collection is handcrafted in the highlands of Peru of natural yarns, hand-dyed employing unique design techniques so that each piece is one-of-a-kind, wearable art. 

Scarves, hats, sweaters, are our knitted, woven, or hand felted pieces of art.

G9C is a subsidiary of United Knitwear Int. Corp.


Gianna Benedek (BFA, Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, N.Y.), born in Cusco, Peru, is the natural liaison between the textile traditions of Peru and current fashion trends in the United States.   Gianna’s many years as a knitwear designer have included travel to Europe, Asia and South America developing new ideas and sources. Her designs have been featured in catalogs and top boutiques countrywide.

Carlos Hausner (B. Sc., Textiles, Leeds University, U.K.) has owned United Knitwear Int Corp. for many years. He was one of the consultants in the introduction of 20 Peruvian women’s groups in a USAID project in 2008 in which Mypes (small companies and groups) were taught how to produce and export to the United States.  The USAID program helped develop women’s groups producing knits for Donna Karan among others.

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